Eldon DeHaan lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he has retired from the field of furniture design and maufacturing and now works in his studio/shop.

Eldon is married to Evonne Thomas and they have 4 children and 10 grandchildren. He is extremely grateful l for all the time that she shares with his passion for wood turning.

He grew up around his father's shop equipment and became interested in building furniture, however through High School and College his real love remained with art and design. 

He attended Brigham Young University and the University of Utah were he pursued  degrees in commercial art and advertising.  As a student he producing award winning art work in various media of water color, oils, etchings and sierogaphy.

In 1970 he left the career that he studied for and turned to furniture design/ manufacturing. He designed many distinctive furniture styles that were manufactured in Utah and sold nationally.

The next chapter in his working career began in 1989 when he went to work for the State or Utah.  There he was hired by the Department of Corrections has a Correctional Industries program manager.  There he managed  programs werein  offenders were used to manufacture office furniture and seating that was utilized  within state and local government offices.  

After his retirement from the State of Utah in 2003, he returned to custom furniture and creating one of a kind pieces.  It was at this time a close friend, introduced him to wood tuning in 2009. After turning a simple pen, Eldon was hooked with the concept of having the wood turn instead of blades and bits of his power tools.

Except for designing and producing scenery for large scale community  productions such as “The Wizard of Oz” and the “Music Man”, Eldon has never  looked back at producing  flat work; flat work being a wood turners term for cabinetry. 

His creative mind has been intrigued with the how-to of the large turnings that were created by the icons of the fine art wood turning world; as well as the fascination with the surface embellishments that are created by countless others that are always an inspiration.   Eldon is always looking to nature for color and texture, this being his main source of inspiration. The words of Clifford Still best somes the vision of his work

Clifford Still / American abstract artist “I never wanted color to be color, I never wanted texture to be texture, or images to be shapes. I wanted them all to fuse into a living spirit.”

So it is with Eldon’s desire to express himself as an artist.