As a young art student I took to painting as the traditional form of expressing my desire to explore my creativity. Although I was exposed to numerous art forms and mediums, I found that they all fell short in my desires to make things that I could touch and feel. Being somewhat discouraged and soon realizing that working as an artist I would not be able to provide my young family with the income that we needed.  This led me to seek employment in a field that; in some part satisfied my creative urgings and desires.

Now I headed on what was to be a long journey in furniture design and manufacturing. After 30 plus years and retirement from that industry, I by accident, return to the creating of art. I now found an art form that really excited me, one where the canvases that I use are wood. I had learned a new artistic skill in and a new set of woodworking tools, I traded my brushes in for lathe gouges,tools and proceeded to become a maker... a maker of three dimensional one of a kind lathe art.